The ReMissioning Church Health Assessment can be taken by churches of any size. Individual participants’ responses remain anonymous but are compiled to evaluate a congregation’s strength level related to each of the 10 health factors. Once all the information has been gathered, you will receive a personalized and in- depth assessment report based on the data.

The assessment report will calculate the scores for each question, compare the responses, and highlight the vital signs with the highest mean responses and lowest mean responses. The final report will celebrate areas of congregational strength and address areas of concern, as well as offer recommendations and resources for the church to achieve health and vitality in the future.

Key Features of the Assessment

10 Vital Signs of a Thriving Church

  1. Christ Centeredness
  2. Vision Clarity
  3. Authentic Worship
  4. Discipling Community
  5. Leadership Development
  6. Spiritual Formation
  7. Effective Systems
  8. Lay Mobilization
  9. Kingdom Generosity
  10. Missional Impulse

Simple 4 Step Process

What are the Benefits?

After the Assessment

After receiving the in-depth assessment report, the church’s leadership team should review the report and reflect on the findings of the results of the church health survey. You will be given access to free workbook and videos to help your church develop a strategic plan.

Coaching and Consulting

Many churches want to follow up the assessment with coaching and consulting to help develop a strategic plan based upon the findings of the church assessment. To help churches develop a unique ministry strategy, we also offer several coaching/consulting options for churches to select from. During this time, one of our ReMissioning strategists will work with your church to develop a detailed ministry plan that is unique for your ministry setting. Request a consultation from one of our strategists.